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FrontRunners Podcast

May 14, 2021

Category: For Texans By Texans (4TXT)

Want to have a successful career in the Sports World?  Join Kinesiology graduate students who have created a solid Game-Plan for a future in Coaching and Sports Communications. These individuals are fully immersed in their respective careers offering a unique perspective on becoming...

May 13, 2021

Category: For Texans By Texans (4TXT)
Find out how Kinesiology graduate students are developing their Game-Plan for careers in the Strength & Conditioning industry. These Athletic Performance specialists have a unique perspective on becoming well-rounded professionals.

Directed/Produced by: Lane Senn @Lane_Osenn

May 13, 2021

Category: For Texans By Texans (4TXT)

Join current Kinesiology graduate students for solid career advice.  With 5 years of preparation for admission to Medical School, Physical Therapy Doctoral programs, and PhD research programs, these individuals are well versed in developing robust gameplans.


Directed/Produced by:...

May 6, 2021

Category: What Would John Tarleton Do? (W.W.J.T.D.)

On today's episode Lane has a chance to talk to Tarleton's new Dean of Libraries, Dr. Katherine Quinnell and Adam Keim who is one of Tarleton's librarians. They discuss many of the resources that the library has to offer on campus, and how the library is changing to...