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FrontRunners Podcast

Dec 17, 2018

In this episode, Zane and Julie finish up their conversation by talking about building team culture and her current research in Title IX and collegiate athletics. Be sure to leave a comment if you like it and hit that subscribe button!

Dec 13, 2018

Everyone at the Frontrunners Podcast would like to wish you a Happy and Safe Holidays! We will be back with another episode next week on New Years Eve!

Dec 10, 2018

In this episode, Zane sits down with Julie Mata, former Texann point guard and Softball coach for Tarleton State to define success and discuss her coaching philosophy. Be on the lookout for part 2 where they will discuss building team culture and her current research within collegiate athletics.

Dec 3, 2018

In this episode of Fitness Forecast, Micah and Coach G. wrap up their nutrition discussion by talking protein, supplements and fad diets. 



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