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FrontRunners Podcast

Nov 19, 2018

In this episode of Persons of Interest, we sit down with Tarleton Kinesiology Alumni and 12 year NFL Veteran James Dearth.  James discusses his recent move back to Stephenville, what he did while he was away, and what he has planned for his new training facility. James is laying the foundation in using exercise as a treatment for the adaptive population. His unique methods have been applied to individuals with Autism, ADHD,  Tourette Syndrome and several other neurological impairments. Tune in and listen to his “why” and “how” for this innovative training. 

Host: Cali Umbel

Guest: James Dearth @jdearth85

Producer: Patrick Freehill @pjfreehill

Social Media Director: Elianne Douglas-Miron @elidouglasmiron