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FrontRunners Podcast

Oct 20, 2021

Category: What Would John Tarleton Do? (W.W.J.T.D.)

On today's episode Lane gets together with Cliff Hoy, the new Manager at the Texans Campus Store. The store has recently had a change in management, and with Tarleton owning the store itself, the staff at the store are able to be more engaged with the students. Tune in...

Oct 18, 2021

Category: 4TXT


On today's episode Lane meets with Kris Blake, the Student Director of Membership within T.A.B., to talk about the events that are coming to campus, and what is being planned for the future as well. Kris explains how students are able to get free swag and also how to get involved within the program....

Sep 23, 2021

Category: For Texans By Texans (4TXT)

On today's episode Lane has a chance to meet Walker Kirk, Tarleton's Texan Rider and Student Body President. Lane and Walker discuss what life has been like for Walker as our Texan Rider and how much he enjoys it. The two also discuss the process he went through in order to become...

May 14, 2021

Category: For Texans By Texans (4TXT)

Want to have a successful career in the Sports World?  Join Kinesiology graduate students who have created a solid Game-Plan for a future in Coaching and Sports Communications. These individuals are fully immersed in their respective careers offering a unique perspective on becoming...

May 13, 2021

Category: For Texans By Texans (4TXT)
Find out how Kinesiology graduate students are developing their Game-Plan for careers in the Strength & Conditioning industry. These Athletic Performance specialists have a unique perspective on becoming well-rounded professionals.

Directed/Produced by: Lane Senn @Lane_Osenn